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Tips for New Planners

We help busy women stress less through better time-management.

Whether you’re using one of our planners or not, you can use these tips to get and stay organized from day 1.

Fill in birthdays, appointments, and vacations as soon as your planner arrives

Now that you’ve selected which planner is right for you, you’re going to want to note down all the major upcoming events like birthdays, appointments and vacations.

Head over to Facebook and get a list of birthdays, or use prior year planners and calendars as a reference.

Use the different pages as they were intended

The monthly layout – list the quick notes, times, and titles of events and appointments.

The weekly layout – fill in the details of each appointment on the daily/weekly layout. These pages are also a great option for journaling.

The Notes pages – phone numbers, addresses, things to carry over to next year, etc can go here.

The pocket page – store receipts, invitations, little scraps of paper here.

Set aside some time each day to review your planner

Many times, when life gets busy, we wake up and start our days by jumping into the next task. By reviewing your planner each morning (or each evening for the next day), you’re able to mentally prepare for what’s to come.

This review decreases unwanted surprises in your day!

It also lets you see if there are any chances for “me-time” that you could add to your day.

Speaking of me-time…

Write in Your Me-Time Appointments

Ryan and I have made it part of the Abrie James mission to help other busy women reduce stress in their lives by helping them understand how to better plan and stay organized.

One of the best ways to de-stress is to take time for yourself. We call this Me-time.

Take it one step further and you should write your me-time in your planner. This way, if it’s written down, it will get done.

Examples of me-time are:

Going to the gym

  • Getting your nails done
  • Having cocktails with your significant other
  • Even taking a 15 minute break to just breathe is me-time.

Write it in, and you’ll do it. Trust me.

Need Help? Let Us Know

We’re a small, family run business, so Ryan and I are always around.

If you need help, feel free to drop us an email at crystal at abriejames dot com or ryan at abriejames dot com

We’re happy to help you use your planner more effectively, even if it’s not one of our planners.

Here’s to you stressing less,

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