If you’re a busy mom, being pulled in a million different directions isn’t easy. So we created a line of planners with open layouts and clean designs to help you stay organized and stress less.

Crystal Sides, a wife and mom of 2, has created a line of planners especially for you.

Abrie James planners are designed to help you stay on top of your schedule so you can get it all done and still stress-less.

What people are saying about us...

I am a planner snob.. and I am IN LOVE with this planner. I am a busy mom to 3 kids, so keeping track of school events, doctors appointments, and sports….its crazy. However, this planner keeps me on track. – Christine S.

This is a beautiful planner! I can keep up with appointments, events, practices etc at a glance on the monthly calendar and then I can use the weekly planning pages for more details like my workouts or errands I need to run. – April S.

Great planner! The monthly calendar portion has a lot of room to write, so I’m able to list all my daily assignments in one box! I really like the colors – great buy! –  XiaoBaiTu

This planner exceeded my expectations! Pen ink does not bleed through the paper either! If you’re looking for a durable, cute, and economical planner to get you through the year, this is it! – A. C.

Keep track of your appointments.

Fill in the details.

Stay organized.

Quickly glance at your monthly schedule.

Hold all of your appointments and reminders in the large daily squares in the monthly overview pages.

Small reminders like grocery items and to-do lists fit perfectly in the notes column.

Plan your day with clarity.

Add more details and reminders to each day in the spacious weekly pages.

Or use this generous space to journal and reflect on your day.

Keep receipts and small papers in one place.

Store your receipts, invitations and other small pieces of paper in the included pocket page.

Having a full schedule shouldn’t mean feeling stressed out all the time.

Hi, I’m Crystal Sides, a busy, working mom of 2, trying to stress-less and enjoy life more with my kids and husband (Ryan).
We created Abrie James so we could help women like you stay organized so you can live a happy, stress-less and fulfilled life.
If you’d like to know more about us, our journey and our company, click the button below.
We’re happy to have you.
– Crystal (and Ryan) Sides

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