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Advanced Planner Tips

If you’ve been using your planner for some time, but still don’t feel like you’re getting the most from it, these advanced planning tips might be just what you’re looking for.

Color code your appointments for quick reference

Ryan and I share a “family” planner. It sits at home on our counter and stays open all the time.

It’s our family command center where everything that we’re doing for the kids, ourselves, or as a family gets written down.

Examples: kids sports, haircuts, gym classes, school club events, date nights, etc.

That planner is separate from my work planner.

Each person in our family has their own color of ink. It makes it easy to glance at who’s got what going on without having to read everything for everyone.

Pro Tip: Use one of these old school multicolored pens to reduce clutter.

Preview Your Week and Plan Responsibilities

We started doing this about a year ago and it has changed our lives for the better.

Each Sunday night we preview the week ahead together.

We discuss who is doing what, so we reduce confusion much as possible.

It also lets us overview the week to see if we have included the things we wanted to do (date nights, me-time, etc.) or if we still needed to write those in.

Customize Your Weekly Layout

The reason we created the Abrie James weekly layouts with so much space is because we don’t like being boxed in to a certain design.

So if you need to write time increments on some days and not others, you have the flexibility to do that.

Or, if you want to divide your day into two columns one week and three columns the next, it’s easy to do.

Don’t be afraid to customize the layout to your needs.

It’s your planner. Make it work for you.

Looking for other planner tips?

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Additionally, If you need any help, please don’t be afraid to reach out to either Ryan or I.

Committed to your success,
Crystal Sides

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