5 Little Known Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Planner

  1. Understand YOUR purpose for the planner. Are you tracking appointments to the 15 minute mark? Are you journaling your way through life? Are you tracking just the important events of the day?
  2. Match your purpose to the right planner design. Monthly layouts are great for organizing at a high level. Weekly layouts provide a mix of detail and high level oversight.
  3. Decide on the size you’ll need. Are you going to keep it in your purse? Will it stay out all day on your desk? You can write more detail on a 8.5×11 page than you can on a 5×8.
  4. Make it your own with a purpose. Use stickers, colored pens and pencils, doodles and other personal touches to make your planner uniquely you.
  5. Schedule some time for yourself. We are time-stressed moms, hard working professionals, busy wives, and we play many other high stress roles in our lives. Making time for yourself is important. Properly planning that time is crucial to your sanity.

Busy mom and working professional, Crystal Sides, says planning is key to a stress-less life.

“I didn’t understand the impact that having an organized schedule had on my stress level and sanity until later in life.” says Crystal.

“I tried using electronic calendars but they just didn’t give me the overview or quick reference I needed. Plus, there’s just something so grounding about putting a pen to paper that you just can’t get from typing.”

Crystal started her search for a planner online and in her local stores but what she found were planners that looked like they were designed for teenagers and preschoolers.

“I can’t bring a planner with polka-dots and unicorns on the cover in to work with me. There’s nothing less professional than poo emojis.”

So Crystal, together with her husband, Ryan, set out to create planners designed for professional women who are smart, fashionable, and fun. Crystal’s designs are chic, trendy and have just the right amount of gold (or rose gold) to keep it classy.

“I can see my co-workers and friends carrying our planners around with them at work, like they were fashion accessories like a new purse or a new gorgeous necklace.”

Judging by the photos and videos on her site, Crystal knows how to design planners for today’s busy women. She also knows how to guide her customers to be successful in their own lives through the advice she gives freely on her site.

“No one ever taught us how to plan for success in our lives. We were taught in school how to get good grades, go to college, get a good job, start a family, etc. but no one ever taught us how to organize and write down our aspirations. I want to change that for as many women as I can, because with the right tools, we can go anywhere and be anything we want to be.”

When someone says to you “I see you everywhere. You’re always so busy, but you always look so stress-free. How do you do that?” That’s successful planning.

Try an Abrie James planner! You’ll love it.



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